Unit 3


The theme of Unit 3 is to challenge the contemporary depiction of Cornish identity critically. It will focus on the confrontation between the awakening of indigenous cultural signature and outsider’s preoccupied impressions of an idealised Cornish landscape. The project will consist of physical practices, weekly-based journal development and a dissertation which critically reflect the topic. The project aimed to explore the feasibility of objectively understand the true essence of the Cornish landscape from a visitor’s perspective.
Considering the lockdown measures, conducting field trips is relatively impossible at this moment. However, actively seeking the uniqueness of the Cornish landscape will be conducted through any possible methods. The situation could potentially cause fluctuation in the proportion of materiality explorations with sea salt, also turned the working method into pure studio-based. Landscape paintings will be focused on. But in this case, genre paintings could be produced to document the contemporary lifestyle of Cornish people. It could significantly make up the figurelessness of landscape painting as an additional viewpoint to provide a relatively more comprehensive angle to support the theme. How a the landscape of Cornwall has been used and can be used to define its regional signature, the proposal intends to engage this question from both ends.

The Growth of Salt, Sculpture, 2020

Salted Confessor, Sculpture, 2020
The Growth of Salt 2, Sculpture, 2020

Reflective Journal