Category: Una Mirada a Andalucía

Here’s what I am most proud of in my landscape watercolour, Mañana de Las Luces. The painting successfully touched El Ayuntamiento de Zuheros, and they offered me an invitation to produce a series of Andalucía landscapes and to throw a personal exhibition in their town as a part of their cultural activity in August. The […]

Remember the time I said that Zuheros might invite me to a personal exhibition? I actually got the invitation after showing the half-finished Mañana de Las Luces, but El Castilla de Zuheros finished first. El Castilla de Zuheros is a massive use of ink and pen. Such a style has been common in my level […]

Before putting colours into outlines, I asked myself, how can I establish a connection of personal emotion for her? Eva is also an international student, and she studied at the University of Granada. She shares similar ideas when I discuss the theory of Desperation Archive with her. After spending, what we said in China, ‘The […]

  The series tried out use different style and materials to reproduce four random views of the Alhambra. Various materials like highlighting with mineral colour, blending pencil strokes with watercolour to express the change of weather. From sunlight shines on ancient wall, to humid fog surround Alhambra. Moreover it experimented a blank background. The visual […]

  Before The Plaza beneath The Castle of Zuheros, I barely put attention into the form of displaying my work visually. Mostly, after I finished a piece, I took a rough picture of it and uploaded it to social media; or if I had the luck of exhibiting it somewhere, I would always purchase a […]