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From Zuheros to Cuckmere was produced as the outcome of the first unit of my study in Camberwell College of Art. The project consists of two parts: the realistic and luxury landscapes of southern Spain, Un Verano en Andalucía; and the playful, elegent scenes of Southdowns, England. Paintings were composited in two versions of illustration […]

After receiving the offer from Camberwell College of Art in Feb, I should have entered a period of stable work-producing and self-learning. What I did not foresee was family issues stormed through the year just undid the excitement and every peaceful moment that provided a chance to take a break. I have to admit, my […]

Once I looked out the window of the living room of a friend of my father, beneath six floors there was a lonesome highway. It was paved through rice fields, reaching for the horizon. In a starless night, that tranquil southern water shows its vastness while immersing in silence. Therefore, that artificial star belt which […]

Olives of Córdoba is a project consists of eight pieces of watercolour paintings. Judging from painting technique side, it is an experiment whether the style project Zhivago used would receive some positive feedbacks. It is also an attempt to find out if the colour used in the series is the most suitable option for Andalusian […]

  The first piece of holy site series has painted the scene of an old grocery store in memory of an old convenient shop of my hometown. The interior design is a typical style of small houses in the 70s and 80s. Windows are commonly painted red, as Chinese believe the colour stands for wealth […]

In some rural areas of China, it is very common for farmers to burn plantation waste like rice straws after harvesting crops. They use ash afterwards to fertilize the field back in the days when fertilizer were in shortage but this activity sometimes gets to be kept as a tradition. Burning fields also clean up […]

  The Writting ‘Kids should have been running on these magnificant fields that bred generations of our ancestors. Since we arrived here 800 years before, wars, disasters, famines, turmoils, none of them made us to abandon this land. Now the villiage is half under nine inches of dirt. Who’s gonna inherit those memories from dilapidated […]

A joyful experience is unavoidably going to fade. Your memories started being blurred, details are gone, like falling rain through a sewer. Soon, scenes you have gone through becoming abstract concepts. You forgot how sunlight shines on stairs with hundreds of years of history, you ignore the sound of water dripping on an old church; […]

Initially, there will be no change of colour in the project, but this plan became expired on the third day of the first stage of Los Fragmentos del Albaicín. I noticed even if I have something genuinely inspiring to express in the future, similar colour tune and display method would eventually cause aesthetic fatigue. For […]

Los Fragmentos del Albaicín is a project that I have been planning since the major success of 25 Pieces of Romanticism. The original idea was to reproduce a site I enjoy visiting with massive fractional close-ups. Through the number the I could demonstrate a personal understanding of large-scale scene comprehensively. The small size of each […]

Here’s what I am most proud of in my landscape watercolour, Mañana de Las Luces. The painting successfully touched El Ayuntamiento de Zuheros, and they offered me an invitation to produce a series of Andalucía landscapes and to throw a personal exhibition in their town as a part of their cultural activity in August. The […]

Remember the time I said that Zuheros might invite me to a personal exhibition? I actually got the invitation after showing the half-finished Mañana de Las Luces, but El Castilla de Zuheros finished first. El Castilla de Zuheros is a massive use of ink and pen. Such a style has been common in my level […]

As usually, some materials had been added to the ink I used to make it thicker enough to express the strength of the building. Also it made the fog much richer in textures. And my favourite part, some gold powder to pour a cup of sunlight on the image. The painting was based on my […]

Before putting colours into outlines, I asked myself, how can I establish a connection of personal emotion for her? Eva is also an international student, and she studied at the University of Granada. She shares similar ideas when I discuss the theory of Desperation Archive with her. After spending, what we said in China, ‘The […]

  The series tried out use different style and materials to reproduce four random views of the Alhambra. Various materials like highlighting with mineral colour, blending pencil strokes with watercolour to express the change of weather. From sunlight shines on ancient wall, to humid fog surround Alhambra. Moreover it experimented a blank background. The visual […]

  Before The Plaza beneath The Castle of Zuheros, I barely put attention into the form of displaying my work visually. Mostly, after I finished a piece, I took a rough picture of it and uploaded it to social media; or if I had the luck of exhibiting it somewhere, I would always purchase a […]

In Dec, I found a coffee shop called BK Espresso. Due to the distinctive taste of milk between China and UK, I’d say finding this café is extremely lucky. The owner used a brand that targeted luxury hotel and restaurant, so the taste of milk finally marched those 1 pound basic whole milk you can […]

The project was designed for practising producing strong visual communications through watercolour painting on a very limited size of paper. Training myself to demonstrate preciseness on a small surface really helped me to develop Los Fragmentos del Albaicín in the future. I have also contributed twice for Oh Comely Magazine this month. But I cannot […]

After those single-colour watercolour paintings became a major success, I have been considering producing some more. This project was designed to display my understanding of countryside views of East Sussex. The strong wind, weeds reach your knees, cliffs near the ocean. I travelled through the coastline to record and reproduce the beauty with poetic drawings. […]

Marble quarry was designed to discuss the use of nudity in contemporary art. When I was doing the project, there is a voice on the Internet questioning the standard of when nudity is over-used in an artwork, or will make an artwork ‘pornographic’. Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, yes, China, my home […]

These roses are the very beginning where I looked into produce detailed still-life watercolour. Not many things I could say about this. But it influenced the way I considered still-life in the future. I tried to extract objects from narrative scenarios to see which factor it needs to be ‘decorative’. This project does not involve […]

The project shows several natural scenes of mangrove forest near Shaoxing, China and landscapes of West Lake, Hangzhou. Inspirations were gained from traditional Chinese painting’s ink landscape category. However, western techniques like perspective and what is currently popular in design area — Simplism, have been considered in the project. Recent year western designers have gotten […]

I have to say, Level 5 Option class, which is full about life drawing and field trip, has been the most interesting course I have ever experienced. I felt quite guilty saying that because my tutors of other lessons are extraordinary, but maybe I just like the feeling of wandering on the field of England […]

After got back from Cornwall, I found watercolour is suitable for me to sketch a scene with proper construct of light contrast, volume and space. Therefore a series of experiments have begun. Through the utilisation of new materials, painting techniques, gradually features of my unique watercolour style has been found. I’d say adding materials onto […]

At the evening of a cold winter night in Feb 2016, the radiator in the old studio apartment I rent refused to be functioning properly, again. It was the Chinese New Year when Chinese people tend to gather around with their families and celebrate. Even in the worst condition they would lay down works, have […]