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A Brief Discussing Regarding the Lost of Cornish Identity  Art Colonies on Penwith Peninsula and Their Substantial Impact  The article briefly introduced the establishment of Cornish identity since the establishment of art colonies in Penwith peninsula. It argues that Cornwall is still in a primitive stage of reclaiming its voice as well as political demands […]

From Zuheros to Cuckmere A Briefed Discussion of Regional Landscape Painting The question that aimed to be explored in Unit 1 was about how a place that an artist developed a strong emotional attachment to influence the artistic perspective. The discussion was based on the self-evaluation of my artistic career and researches of landscape painters […]

  The Writting ‘Kids should have been running on these magnificant fields that bred generations of our ancestors. Since we arrived here 800 years before, wars, disasters, famines, turmoils, none of them made us to abandon this land. Now the villiage is half under nine inches of dirt. Who’s gonna inherit those memories from dilapidated […]

Yes, I do sometimes produce work reflect politics. Mercury Dice was one of my best. It was viciously reported on a Chinese media platform similar to Tumblr. After being reported the viewer of my post has decreased significantly which lead all evidence to manual control by admin. I am very glad someone is afraid of […]