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As usually, some materials had been added to the ink I used to make it thicker enough to express the strength of the building. Also it made the fog much richer in textures. And my favourite part, some gold powder to pour a cup of sunlight on the image. The painting was based on my […]

After those single-colour watercolour paintings became a major success, I have been considering producing some more. This project was designed to display my understanding of countryside views of East Sussex. The strong wind, weeds reach your knees, cliffs near the ocean. I travelled through the coastline to record and reproduce the beauty with poetic drawings. […]

The project shows several natural scenes of mangrove forest near Shaoxing, China and landscapes of West Lake, Hangzhou. Inspirations were gained from traditional Chinese painting’s ink landscape category. However, western techniques like perspective and what is currently popular in design area — Simplism, have been considered in the project. Recent year western designers have gotten […]

After got back from Cornwall, I found watercolour is suitable for me to sketch a scene with proper construct of light contrast, volume and space. Therefore a series of experiments have begun. Through the utilisation of new materials, painting techniques, gradually features of my unique watercolour style has been found. I’d say adding materials onto […]

At the evening of a cold winter night in Feb 2016, the radiator in the old studio apartment I rent refused to be functioning properly, again. It was the Chinese New Year when Chinese people tend to gather around with their families and celebrate. Even in the worst condition they would lay down works, have […]