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According to the date that recorded in the photo data of the first image, I started this pen dot sketch on 31st May. The process has lasted for entire two months, which made my patience impressed myself. There are two primary methods of producing sketches, generally speaking. One is building the basic shape, and light […]

I Apologies because the date should be Mar 2017, I posted it in the correct order but somehow it ended up in ‘drafts’. I had to change it to 2018 otherwise my OCD is gonna damage my mental health badly. In Feb 2017, according to my tutor’s advise, I was looking for distinctive scenes to […]

I received a commission of 10,000 RMB for a painting to decorate a wedding apartment. SO, here we go. Instead of immediately starting designing a complex composition, I asked for a few photos of my commissioner’s house. A wall that I believe it was suitable has been selected. I chose I wall surrounded by grey […]

Here’s what I am most proud of in my landscape watercolour, Mañana de Las Luces. The painting successfully touched El Ayuntamiento de Zuheros, and they offered me an invitation to produce a series of Andalucía landscapes and to throw a personal exhibition in their town as a part of their cultural activity in August. The […]