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One of the major outcomes of the fourth week was the essential supports of the determination of producing a book. I have decided to demonstrate the distinctiveness of the two regions through comparison. The specific method would be arranging them in a particular order. As I have decided it will be a nonlinear sequence, I […]

The first group crit revealed severe problems. After installing works on the wall, on the first glaze, they looked beautiful; however, any closer look at the presentation may found the lack of connections between individual works to each other. Without being reasonably organised, it is hard to form a powerful statement from works to support […]

Developments envisaged in the previous week started the second week in Camberwell. While working on new pieces with a stable efficiency, I can’t help to notice there are only two days away from the official briefing of the first unit. Also, the very first crit is only ten days from now. I have been experimenting […]

Reflective Journal Week 1, 29 Sept – 5 Oct, 2019 Although the very first project has not been briefed yet, there is no reason to pause producing paintings. Also, I was instructed to prepare a 1 min presentation and a Pecha-Kucha talk by 9th Oct. So the reflective journal this week will contain general content […]

After collecting a small, however sufficient amount of resource which allows initiating further experiment, I decided that the aim of the second week would be settling down the style of painting for Project 1. So I sneaked into Chelsea’s library before enrolment time. Surprisingly, neither Camberwell and Chelsea’s gate can stop me — what’s the […]

Reflective Journal Week 00, 15 Sept – 21 Sept, 2019 In the spirit of learning, I initiated journalising on the day I arrived in London. Please be advised journal labelled as “week one” should be the first one when the semester officially starts. Before settling down the core idea and the theoretical direction, I guessed […]

After receiving the offer from Camberwell College of Art in Feb, I should have entered a period of stable work-producing and self-learning. What I did not foresee was family issues stormed through the year just undid the excitement and every peaceful moment that provided a chance to take a break. I have to admit, my […]