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The pop-up show was fine. I missed the opening talk and the toast; I was busy running down block A, consulting tutors of printmaking, graphic design and illustration regarding the technical issue of saddle stitch. There is a converter came with the latest version of Adobe InDesign, I have tried and all apparently it requires […]

There will be a group crit on this week as the only chance to seek professional assistance for the first unit. I have stocked up a sufficient amount of work to show during the presentation; however, the writing will not be ready until the pop-up show. I have been framing and mounting my works, trying […]

Week 9, and very likely the following week will reduce my attendance to an extremely low result. A pop-up show will be arranged in two weeks, and the Christmas holiday will deny access to campus facilities until January. I will need to work out writings in these two weeks until I push this project to […]

A fascinating opportunity was given to visit Mark Fairnington’s workspace in East London. His work and statements regarding his preference of a realistic painting style as partly a landscape painter, I also found it fascinating that hot beverages and sweater can help a painter to survive in a huge room without a radiator. The mystery […]

The week started with producing a basic preparation if the human figure will be added into the project. The character design finished quickly, and the scene in the background was chosen and sketched.  I specifically looked into works of Steve Hanks for gorgeous, naturally composited female figures. Works of Jacob Schikaneder and Abbott Fuller Graves […]

After a week and a half, the second individual work of the project was finished. I further developed the washing technique on my watercolour to create a blurred layer. The etching course of the printmaking workshop was on Thursday. I started working on the design at the beginning of the week. Considering the preciseness and […]

The last weekend was spent on pushing the deadline of proposal submission. I have to admit that I do miss stay up all night studying. Can be back to college is awesome. Here I attached the proposal below. A briefed discussion about general patterns of how landscape paintings work as a carrier of artists’ emotions, […]