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Random thought: How are you going to depict Cornish landscape? The phase historians use to talk about indigenous painters like Alfred Wallis and Peter Lanyon is always interesting. The often introduces these artists produced landscapes that only Cornish people would understand. Thus, whether I can process the landscape as one of the local individuals still […]

Leon Dabo was a tonalist landscape painter. He did not start to painting landscape until the 20th Century. His painting was not reputable before appreciations from Edmond Aman-Jean was earned. Majorly, he worked landscapes around the Hudson Valley. His style is to create a vacant speciousness under an overall tone that decorated by scattered light. […]

Sunset Safari above St Ives This watercolour painting is based on my previous experience in west Cornwall. It is a development on my understanding of Peter Lanyon’s desire of viewing Cornish natural sceneries from a detached perspective. Sometimes the contradiction of limited time in Cornwall caused a radical emotion of possessiveness, a hope of seizing […]

I took an experimental step in this week’s physical practice. I destroy one of the previous work after recognising “outsider’s perspective” may have a substantial impact on Cornwall’s landscape. It is quite logical to maintain what attracted those up-country artists and visitors if the county has the interest to keep its third industry healthy. I […]

British Art Colony by Sea P48 “It is difficult in general to say a great deal about these more orthodox paintings —— even the painter themselves make very little commentary on their work. The simple reason for this is that everything is so immediately understandable; we have grown up in a world where until now, […]

Helene Schjerfbeck, 1862 – 1946 (2020). Helene Schjerfbeck – Newlyn School of Artists – Penlee House Gallery and Museum Penzance Cornwall UK. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Mar. 2020].  Oil on wood. 33 x 42 cm. Private collection; photo: Finnish National Gallery / Hannu Aaltonen Bilio: Schjerfbeck, H. (1887). View of St.Ives. [Oil on Wood] Helsinki: Private […]

Some thoughts from 2nd Feb’s seminar given by Mr Mark Fairninton were finally organised. Subjective Manipulation Subjective Manipulation is the process of over-lay the painkter’s own ideas/understanding/emotional recognition on the model; generally it is a quite private process in which the artist may demonstrate the wildest processes that not ready to be displayed publicly. The […]