I completed a brief introduction regarding how images of landscapes were used to defined Cornish identity, with the focus on west Penwith in Unit 2. The historical, theoretical and contemporary context were written to indicate the existence as well as the reasonability of this perspective. Experiments through exploring the true essence of Cornish landscapes, visitors’ […]

A Brief Discussing Regarding the Lost of Cornish Identity  Art Colonies on Penwith Peninsula and Their Substantial Impact  The article briefly introduced the establishment of Cornish identity since the establishment of art colonies in Penwith peninsula. It argues that Cornwall is still in a primitive stage of reclaiming its voice as well as political demands […]

My appreciation to the English countryside’s idyllic landscape and traditional English painting was inspired by my first field trip to west Cornwall in 2014. Before the real experience in the region, my imagination that established on novels and screen images had set an idealised expectation to the natural and urban scenes of the Penwith Peninsula. […]

Experiments with materiality went on this week. Technical problems still are a major concern. My accommodation cannot provide a sufficient space where I can increase the size of the practice. I can now make the sea salt crystallise on the specific surface, but still failing to control its shape and size.  I did successfully made […]

Except “a depressing, endless rain that easily can ruin your vacation and blur everything into each other”, what else natural element could stand for the distinctiveness of Cornish Landscape? I am afraid my experience at this moment was not sufficient to go to a satisfying conclusion. However, except the self I experimented before, I adopted […]

It Rains in Mount’s Bay Today is a series of watercolour painting about heavy foggy rain on various perspective points from Newlyn to Marazion. It emphasis the deceive position of mother nature in a typical Cornish rainy scene. Individual paintings demonstrate a different stage of a winter rain. Some of these images are purely watercolour […]

Most of the physical practice were experiments of placing figures in the landscape. I intended to create neutral objects that represent the real relationship between human and nature. While celebrating the preponderant power of nature, I would like to highlight the spiritual and cultural creations of human, which ultimately, are still the outcomes of nature. […]