From Zuheros to Cuckmere A Briefed Discussion of Regional Landscape Painting The question that aimed to be explored in Unit 1 was about how a place that an artist developed a strong emotional attachment to influence the artistic perspective. The discussion was based on the self-evaluation of my artistic career and researches of landscape painters […]

I saw a raindrop, slided off the window this moring Its appearance, only known to the god and me We only live in the universe that established on our observations. Those unknown moments however, filled the 99% of the world. We lived in an enclosed playground, a prison called memory. The third episode of the […]

Painting process finished on this week precisely. These works were scanned and edited to recover its original colour on Photoshop, then uploaded to the InDesign file.  I never thought I will experience difficulties from scanning. However, the dirty screen of A3 scanner’s in Camberwell’s library really made me struggled for a period. I tried the […]

I cannot tell whether it was good or not. I gave up the “social” in the three S concept and selected to focus on “study” and “sleep”. The last one is now very likely to be ditched away as well. Anyway, happy new year! I am happily announcing that the Spanish part of the book […]

In Reflective Journal Week 2, I wrote about the Chinese people’s obsession with the ownership of a piece of land. “I guess my nostalgia feeling regarding the “second hometown” may be related to the generic desire of Chinese people: the obsession of owning a piece of land that he/she truly belongs to. Chinese people usually […]

From Zuheros to Cuckmere was produced as the outcome of the first unit of my study in Camberwell College of Art. The project consists of two parts: the realistic and luxury landscapes of southern Spain, Un Verano en Andalucía; and the playful, elegent scenes of Southdowns, England. Paintings were composited in two versions of illustration […]

The major contribution of the week was the confirmation on technical parameters of book designs. According to the previous plan, I have designed two formats, Royale and a customised for the commercial-style illustration book. Also, the format of the artist book was confirmed. Both plans’ feasibility was proved by crafting and experimenting. However, the efficiency […]