Project title Factors of identifying, discover or re-discover a landscape Project Aims The project proposes to analysis key factors for identifying, discover, re-discover or assigning meanings/new meanings to the landscape. It plans to briefly discuss the historical context of the Cornish landscape and Cornish identity, and organise the connection between the regional awareness to its […]

Project title Undefined blank land in-between identified landscapes Project Aims The project aims to explore the surround wilds of Falmouth, identify natural/cultural/historical landscape and blank, undefined land in-between different sites. The project will challenge the metaphoric aspects of paths that penetrate “blank land”, interrogate key factors of defining a landscape. It will map the collection […]

Rethinking the Quoit related theories inspired me a lot. Two extracts that originally prepared for the essay has become particularly interesting.  [As Scott et al. (2009) reason, the experiences which were undertaken in the landscape can inform activities which are transferred to other locations. If individuals continue these activities they will choose places which can […]

A specifically interesting article was found. It talked about the landscape identity after a catastrophic forest fire in Sweden. The topic is intriguing. The result indicates the more interaction conducted with the landscape, stronger the sense of identity will be developed. However the case seemed to be too specific, therefore it needs cohesion in order […]

When I talked about challenging the idea “the landscape only Cornish people would understand”, Alfred Wallis often popped out as the example of indigenous eye. I read about Art Brut, and now this term is going to replace “indigenous artist”. Art Brut, or Outsider Art is usually referring to self-trained artists who has been unconscious […]

“I want my audiences to achieve a mutual understanding by finding their common appreciation to a landscape or via the awe to nature.”  The feedback of the exhibition proposal was harsh, however positive to some extends. The process of receiving comments give me a deja vu of being interviewed by the Royal College of Art, […]

Installing Wind from St Ives was challenging. This pandemic situation significantly limited spacious options I possessed. There were a few abandoned conceptions before the exhibition proposal was added to the due list. I thought about installing the project in outdoor space, whose light condition would benefit the visual attractiveness; also I considered space like the […]

Movie Battle on Shangganling Mountain tells the story of a bitter victory after days of the bloody clash on Triangle Hill in the Korea War. The interlude song “A Big River” (which is also called My Motherland, but I believe this translation is a little bit aggressive) was very famous since its release in the 50s. Often being […]

Day 1 A typical day of Ce Chen, filled with random ideas and senseless thoughts. Day 2 Sea Wind to St Ives As I stated in yesterday’s video dev log, I have been trying to assemble previous works in large-scale paintings to describe a complex context via a number of small sections. The first piece was […]

Mr Steve Wilson suggested me to look into Roger Hiorns’s Seizure (2008). The installation, or the sculpture, whose physicality and unusualness powerfully bursts the boundary of these two manifestations, significantly shocked audiences with a redefined sheer of overwhelmingness. Hiorn cast copper-sulphate in a flat and turn its interior into a giant geode with “knife-sharp deathly edges”. The […]

Irrelevant but worth talking about:My series of doodles was requested to engage in mental recovery therapy service of Shaoxing’s No.7 Hospital. I am glad that my work could actually benefit society and fulfilling my social responsibility as an artist. Although I am a bit confused about how come those academic works were significantly less appreciated. […]

I expressed my interest in making three pieces of work about three natural elements: earth, water and fire. Two designs came up last week to picture the earth element, and in Week 40 we are going to look into a conceptual design for the water. A perfectly even reflective salt surface was created over these […]

It is quite a common sense that a distinctive perspective or value could result in a peculiar interpretation. But I noticed a relatively unusual example at the beginning of this week. In 1999, a Russian novel The Last Ringbearer narrated the legendary story of The Lord of the Rings in the perspective of the Dark […]

“A perspective of an outside visitor” “A celebration of its natural heritage” “A resonance of its historical context with a briefed perception of the true essence of Cornish landscape, Lanyon’s mineshaft and all sorts.” These three sculpture took months to finish. Especially the last one, Catch of the Day, was initiated in April. I put […]

Most recently I gained inspiration from famous sculptor Barbara Hepworth’s work and Constructivist Naum Gabo, and produced a little craft called Wave Form, then follows a series of little sculptures called Sail Forms. The lockdown significantly restricted the useable amount of Cornish salt, which should have been manually extracted and taken back to London. I […]

Week 36 began with continuous experiments of salting natural objects. The dryness of the air and early summer temperature arranged a suitable environment for drying flowers. Also, in order to support local business in this particularly difficult time, I picked some roses from a local flora shop.  This work is named Salted Confessor. It was […]

The major interest of this week is in making reflective surfaces on those salted crafts. Glistening waves that illuminated by light shines through the rifts in the clouds fascinated me as I always adore the landscape rendered in the air with high transparency. Randomly placed items on the window sill reminded me to think of […]

The past few weeks of Unit 3 were spent on the continuous experimenting with salt, string and some natural objects. It was aimed to connect my research regarding the Cornish art’s transition from productions of art colonies to a primitive exploration of indigenous understanding of their identity as well as culture. I was fascinated by […]

I completed a brief introduction regarding how images of landscapes were used to defined Cornish identity, with the focus on west Penwith in Unit 2. The historical, theoretical and contemporary context were written to indicate the existence as well as the reasonability of this perspective. Experiments through exploring the true essence of Cornish landscapes, visitors’ […]

A Brief Discussing Regarding the Lost of Cornish Identity  Art Colonies on Penwith Peninsula and Their Substantial Impact  The article briefly introduced the establishment of Cornish identity since the establishment of art colonies in Penwith peninsula. It argues that Cornwall is still in a primitive stage of reclaiming its voice as well as political demands […]

My appreciation to the English countryside’s idyllic landscape and traditional English painting was inspired by my first field trip to west Cornwall in 2014. Before the real experience in the region, my imagination that established on novels and screen images had set an idealised expectation to the natural and urban scenes of the Penwith Peninsula. […]

Experiments with materiality went on this week. Technical problems still are a major concern. My accommodation cannot provide a sufficient space where I can increase the size of the practice. I can now make the sea salt crystallise on the specific surface, but still failing to control its shape and size.  I did successfully made […]

Except “a depressing, endless rain that easily can ruin your vacation and blur everything into each other”, what else natural element could stand for the distinctiveness of Cornish Landscape? I am afraid my experience at this moment was not sufficient to go to a satisfying conclusion. However, except the self I experimented before, I adopted […]

It Rains in Mount’s Bay Today is a series of watercolour painting about heavy foggy rain on various perspective points from Newlyn to Marazion. It emphasis the deceive position of mother nature in a typical Cornish rainy scene. Individual paintings demonstrate a different stage of a winter rain. Some of these images are purely watercolour […]

Most of the physical practice were experiments of placing figures in the landscape. I intended to create neutral objects that represent the real relationship between human and nature. While celebrating the preponderant power of nature, I would like to highlight the spiritual and cultural creations of human, which ultimately, are still the outcomes of nature. […]

Random thought: How are you going to depict Cornish landscape? The phase historians use to talk about indigenous painters like Alfred Wallis and Peter Lanyon is always interesting. The often introduces these artists produced landscapes that only Cornish people would understand. Thus, whether I can process the landscape as one of the local individuals still […]

Leon Dabo was a tonalist landscape painter. He did not start to painting landscape until the 20th Century. His painting was not reputable before appreciations from Edmond Aman-Jean was earned. Majorly, he worked landscapes around the Hudson Valley. His style is to create a vacant speciousness under an overall tone that decorated by scattered light. […]

Sunset Safari above St Ives This watercolour painting is based on my previous experience in west Cornwall. It is a development on my understanding of Peter Lanyon’s desire of viewing Cornish natural sceneries from a detached perspective. Sometimes the contradiction of limited time in Cornwall caused a radical emotion of possessiveness, a hope of seizing […]

I took an experimental step in this week’s physical practice. I destroy one of the previous work after recognising “outsider’s perspective” may have a substantial impact on Cornwall’s landscape. It is quite logical to maintain what attracted those up-country artists and visitors if the county has the interest to keep its third industry healthy. I […]

British Art Colony by Sea P48 “It is difficult in general to say a great deal about these more orthodox paintings —— even the painter themselves make very little commentary on their work. The simple reason for this is that everything is so immediately understandable; we have grown up in a world where until now, […]

Helene Schjerfbeck, 1862 – 1946 (2020). Helene Schjerfbeck – Newlyn School of Artists – Penlee House Gallery and Museum Penzance Cornwall UK. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Mar. 2020].  Oil on wood. 33 x 42 cm. Private collection; photo: Finnish National Gallery / Hannu Aaltonen Bilio: Schjerfbeck, H. (1887). View of St.Ives. [Oil on Wood] Helsinki: Private […]

Some thoughts from 2nd Feb’s seminar given by Mr Mark Fairninton were finally organised. Subjective Manipulation Subjective Manipulation is the process of over-lay the painkter’s own ideas/understanding/emotional recognition on the model; generally it is a quite private process in which the artist may demonstrate the wildest processes that not ready to be displayed publicly. The […]

Expansion on the look list: 1. Fox, Caroline. 1993. Stanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School by Carolin Fox, 1993. 759.2 FOR, Wimbledon. 2. Fox, Caroline, Green acre, Francis, 1979. Artists from Newlyn School, 1880 – 1990. [Catalogue of] an Exhibition Organised by Newlyn Orion Galleries. 709.41090348 ART, Chelsea. 3. Hardie, Melissa. 1995. 100 years in […]

Despite the fact that it was relatively narrowed, “to produce Cornish landscape in the Hudson River School’s idealised landscape” is barely close to the essence of this question. Mr Mark Fairninton suggested me to challenge the development of regional identity. Thus, the research question soon changed to “How images of a specific landscape can be […]

I was genuinely intrigued by the idea of “idealised landscape” among the Hudson River School and its contemporaneous art movements like Barbizon School, Newlyn School, etc. Noticing these movements was a trail-following of the previous statement regarding “the anxiety over advancement”. To my understanding, one of the movements the substantially influenced these art styles, the […]

This week started with two attempts of experimental edit of the previous proposal writing. The current outcome introduced a possible perspective which is to narrow the investigation in the field of painting solo.  The Anxiety of Painting The liberation of productivity pushed the advancement of era, granted more possibilities to our society. Especially the application […]

The theme of the current stage is exploring the connection between landscape, culture and identity. With a specific interest in Penwith Peninsula, I have been working on Cornish landscapes to discuss whether there is a context in which outside visitors can be recognised “capable of picturing the true essence of the landscape that only indigenous […]

While the first unit and the feedback week ran to its end, it would be wise to start working on Unit 2 despite the fact that it has not been briefed yet.  It is hard to ignore the fact that the most galleries in western Cornwall refuse to accept works except from “Cornish Artists”. The […]

A briefed outline of a research direction has been shaped during this week. I understand a lot of work is required to narrow it down so I can focus on a specific case, yet I still decided to picture the core idea behind the project: to find a pattern of the development of a culture.  […]

The week has been spent on preparing the presentation. It can be quite tricky to convert the symposium into a version suitable for verbal introduction in 10 minutes. The proportion of explanation of the physical work and research outcome should be balanced, as for as I concern. Although the first plan was to talk about […]

From Zuheros to Cuckmere A Briefed Discussion of Regional Landscape Painting The question that aimed to be explored in Unit 1 was about how a place that an artist developed a strong emotional attachment to influence the artistic perspective. The discussion was based on the self-evaluation of my artistic career and researches of landscape painters […]

I saw a raindrop, slided off the window this moring Its appearance, only known to the god and me We only live in the universe that established on our observations. Those unknown moments however, filled the 99% of the world. We lived in an enclosed playground, a prison called memory. The third episode of the […]

Painting process finished on this week precisely. These works were scanned and edited to recover its original colour on Photoshop, then uploaded to the InDesign file.  I never thought I will experience difficulties from scanning. However, the dirty screen of A3 scanner’s in Camberwell’s library really made me struggled for a period. I tried the […]

I cannot tell whether it was good or not. I gave up the “social” in the three S concept and selected to focus on “study” and “sleep”. The last one is now very likely to be ditched away as well. Anyway, happy new year! I am happily announcing that the Spanish part of the book […]

In Reflective Journal Week 2, I wrote about the Chinese people’s obsession with the ownership of a piece of land. “I guess my nostalgia feeling regarding the “second hometown” may be related to the generic desire of Chinese people: the obsession of owning a piece of land that he/she truly belongs to. Chinese people usually […]

From Zuheros to Cuckmere was produced as the outcome of the first unit of my study in Camberwell College of Art. The project consists of two parts: the realistic and luxury landscapes of southern Spain, Un Verano en Andalucía; and the playful, elegent scenes of Southdowns, England. Paintings were composited in two versions of illustration […]

The major contribution of the week was the confirmation on technical parameters of book designs. According to the previous plan, I have designed two formats, Royale and a customised for the commercial-style illustration book. Also, the format of the artist book was confirmed. Both plans’ feasibility was proved by crafting and experimenting. However, the efficiency […]

The pop-up show was fine. I missed the opening talk and the toast; I was busy running down block A, consulting tutors of printmaking, graphic design and illustration regarding the technical issue of saddle stitch. There is a converter came with the latest version of Adobe InDesign, I have tried and all apparently it requires […]

There will be a group crit on this week as the only chance to seek professional assistance for the first unit. I have stocked up a sufficient amount of work to show during the presentation; however, the writing will not be ready until the pop-up show. I have been framing and mounting my works, trying […]

Week 9, and very likely the following week will reduce my attendance to an extremely low result. A pop-up show will be arranged in two weeks, and the Christmas holiday will deny access to campus facilities until January. I will need to work out writings in these two weeks until I push this project to […]

A fascinating opportunity was given to visit Mark Fairnington’s workspace in East London. His work and statements regarding his preference of a realistic painting style as partly a landscape painter, I also found it fascinating that hot beverages and sweater can help a painter to survive in a huge room without a radiator. The mystery […]

The week started with producing a basic preparation if the human figure will be added into the project. The character design finished quickly, and the scene in the background was chosen and sketched.  I specifically looked into works of Steve Hanks for gorgeous, naturally composited female figures. Works of Jacob Schikaneder and Abbott Fuller Graves […]

After a week and a half, the second individual work of the project was finished. I further developed the washing technique on my watercolour to create a blurred layer. The etching course of the printmaking workshop was on Thursday. I started working on the design at the beginning of the week. Considering the preciseness and […]

The last weekend was spent on pushing the deadline of proposal submission. I have to admit that I do miss stay up all night studying. Can be back to college is awesome. Here I attached the proposal below. A briefed discussion about general patterns of how landscape paintings work as a carrier of artists’ emotions, […]

One of the major outcomes of the fourth week was the essential supports of the determination of producing a book. I have decided to demonstrate the distinctiveness of the two regions through comparison. The specific method would be arranging them in a particular order. As I have decided it will be a nonlinear sequence, I […]

The first group crit revealed severe problems. After installing works on the wall, on the first glaze, they looked beautiful; however, any closer look at the presentation may found the lack of connections between individual works to each other. Without being reasonably organised, it is hard to form a powerful statement from works to support […]

Developments envisaged in the previous week started the second week in Camberwell. While working on new pieces with a stable efficiency, I can’t help to notice there are only two days away from the official briefing of the first unit. Also, the very first crit is only ten days from now. I have been experimenting […]

Reflective Journal Week 1, 29 Sept – 5 Oct, 2019 Although the very first project has not been briefed yet, there is no reason to pause producing paintings. Also, I was instructed to prepare a 1 min presentation and a Pecha-Kucha talk by 9th Oct. So the reflective journal this week will contain general content […]

After collecting a small, however sufficient amount of resource which allows initiating further experiment, I decided that the aim of the second week would be settling down the style of painting for Project 1. So I sneaked into Chelsea’s library before enrolment time. Surprisingly, neither Camberwell and Chelsea’s gate can stop me — what’s the […]

Reflective Journal Week 00, 15 Sept – 21 Sept, 2019 In the spirit of learning, I initiated journalising on the day I arrived in London. Please be advised journal labelled as “week one” should be the first one when the semester officially starts. Before settling down the core idea and the theoretical direction, I guessed […]

After receiving the offer from Camberwell College of Art in Feb, I should have entered a period of stable work-producing and self-learning. What I did not foresee was family issues stormed through the year just undid the excitement and every peaceful moment that provided a chance to take a break. I have to admit, my […]

“I have been searching for a heart of gold” THE GOLDEN HEART Inspirations The project was inspired by an attempt of preserving a specimen permanently in an intact condition but also allows convenient inspection. Initially, it was treated as hand-craft decoration. Three months after wrapping up the entire project, I accidentally found a piece of […]

Once I looked out the window of the living room of a friend of my father, beneath six floors there was a lonesome highway. It was paved through rice fields, reaching for the horizon. In a starless night, that tranquil southern water shows its vastness while immersing in silence. Therefore, that artificial star belt which […]

Another eposide of Unlloped Moments of Life has started! I am thinking about a full focus on recording ordinary scenarios of life in China. Unlike those fancy moments in movies, the project will focus on demonstrating ignorable fragments the physical world is made of. The project will be carried on until September, when this stage […]

Olives of Córdoba is a project consists of eight pieces of watercolour paintings. Judging from painting technique side, it is an experiment whether the style project Zhivago used would receive some positive feedbacks. It is also an attempt to find out if the colour used in the series is the most suitable option for Andalusian […]