Artist Statement

I devoted my artist career so far, in documenting unobserved moments of life. I consider my works an archive of time, demonstrating time frames that “only god and I know”. I believe artworks are responsible for cultivating the cultural aspect of human society by stimulating an individual’s continuous thinking. Based on the fact that consciousness established on observation, personally, providing extra information for the public is regarded as meaningful. It could be judged that I work with a bared social responsibility as an artist; I document, reproduce and display facts straightly as they were spread on the table; I strictly follow self-disciplined qualities, honesty, kind, self-restraint and philanthropy. As long as my work stimulated discussions and reflections, I will consider my social responsibility fulfilled.

Currently, I am engaging in the area of landscape painting. I work on foreign scenes in an exotic manner targeting people unfamiliar with the scene. I believe the dramatic inflation of information nowadays that can be easily manipulated whose chain reaction may have an influential impact on receivers. The deduction is also one of the decisive reason that motivated me to present exotic scenes. At the current stage, I intended to demonstrate the fact that identities determined by cultural background, nationality and ethnicity could, yet cannot reject a foreigner shares equal respect and understanding to a landscape and people it breeds. Thus all my paintings were created with total elimination of subjective ideas except equality and acceptance.